"My Noble House tailor was knowledgeable and helpful, the product superior -- a stylish, comfortable suit that fits like a glove, wears like a second skin and earns appreciative glances. I was walking in my suit downtown the other day and I overheard a passerby exclaim to his companion, "Now THAT'S a suit!" It's the best deal possible for such comfort and class, and better yet, it's convenient -- Hong Kong value that comes right to your town! I highly recommend Noble House."
Paul Greenamyer
Providence, RI, USA
"I turned to your company when the Custom Shop went out of business in 2000; I used to buy my shirts at their Boston location. I was truly impressed upon getting shirts for the first time from your company, however. The quality was much better than anything the Custom Shop produced and came to me much faster. The thing that impresses me most about Noble House is the quality of the tailored suits I have purchased. The three suits you have made for me are better than anything I have purchased over the years at any custom clothier in Boston or New York. And the price point is simply unbelievable: I am getting two custom suits, perfectly tailored with excellent fabrics, for what it used to cost me to buy one off the rack suit from Brooks Brothers. I think you now have a customer for life. And I tell my friends about Noble House any chance I get. Thank you!!"
Richard A. Fairbrothers, Esq., - Attorney
Boston, MA, USA
"I love having pants fitted just for me; the fit is impeccable and the fabric selection is exquisite. My Noble House clothes give me confidence that I am looking my best! Thank you for your service."
Mary E. Roark - Insurance Resources for Solutions
Woodstock, GA, USA
"For many years I had my shirts custom made by a company located in Boston. The shirts were o.k., and quality was fair. The company went out of business. I wonder why? I started looking for another company to make my shirts. I saw an article in the Robb report with a list of several custom made shirt houses. I was amazed at some of their prices! Lets be serious, shirts don't cost $800. At least not my shirts. I was referred to Noble House Custom Tailors and Vijay Wadhwani almost two years ago. Since that time I've had 16 custom shirts and two custom tailored jackets, Couldn't be any happier. Very Good quality, truly reasonable prices, and great service. Not only that but they're in my area a few times each year. I'm extremely happy that I found these people. Thank you NobleHouse and a special thank you Mr. Vijay."
Jim Roberto - Roberto and Associates
Wakefield, MA, USA
"I was a little uncertain about ordering suits from an overseas tailor after just a single meeting in a hotel room. My concerns were completely unfounded and the results were excellent. Vijay took precise measurements and I couldn’t be happier with how the suits look and feel. The quality is excellent and I would highly recommend them."
Mark Satterfield
Alpharetta, GA, USA
"Excellent service – everything promised was delivered. Vijay’s suggestions are the beginning of great service and a custom made look. Quality, value, comfort and style – that is why I buy business attire exclusively from NobleHouse"
Bob Smith
Atlanta, GA, USA
"While I have just recently become a convert to tailored clothes, the staff at Noble House put my fears to rest regarding all steps in the process and surprised me with beautifully tailored clothes. I loved working with your associate who helped me pick out suitable shirting fabrics and some very nice fabrics for the sport coats and slacks I wanted made. He helped me choose suitable styles to fit my body type and suggested what he'd thought would complement me the best. The prices for the tailored pieces were comparable to what you'd pay stateside for top tier 'off-the-rack' garments, except you'd never be able to achieve the fit of tailored clothing. The clothes arrived when said they would and I was excited and very satisfied with what I found inside the package. I have received nothing but complements on your garments and inquiries as to where I could have bought a 'jacket like that' or 'a shirt like this'. Part of me wants to keep the secret, but the other is very happy to inform them of Noble House tailors. I must say, by the great attention to detail and great care in the construction of the garments. As I had never had anything made before, I didn't know what to expect. I KNOW I will not be going back to 'off the rack' ever again. You have gained another convert to custom made tailoring. I would like to express my thanks and admiration to you and all of the staff at Noble house. Thank you, Mr. Wadhwani, you'll be getting a new order soon."
Carlos Amador, Jr.
Chicago, IL, USA